Once upon a time, on a hot sunny day,
A thirsty crow went flying, looking for water on the way

Suddenly his small eyes fell on a long jar,
Without thinking once he flew afar […]


Chinnu loved her pet puppy Browny more than anything in the world. she was a gift that her parents gave her for her fifth birthday last year. Chinnu enjoyed playing with Browny in her big garden. Browny was just a little more than a year old. For Browny too Chinnu was the most special friend. The two never got tired in each other’s company. Mithu, the parrot who stayed in one of the orange trees in the garden often enjoyed seeing the two friends play. Mithu too became a good friend and a well-wisher of the two best friends. […]


Puppies are adorable. But can you commit to looking after one?

When you see a squishy, furry cute little puppy, chances are you want one for yourself. Many people take home pups, not realizing that taking care of a pup is a full-time job. They need affection, devotion and loads of care. When they are young, they are going to poop and pee all over the house. Toilet training needs patience and time – your pup will be toilet trained usually by the time he is six months. […]


Ramya came back from school all excited. She had just been given a new Tamil book by her best friend and couldn’t wait to start reading it. Anticipating this, her Amma sighed as Ramya sat down with the book.

“You need to wash up and eat something before you open that book!”, said Amma. But Ramya had already plunged into the book; such was her love for the written word! […]


Minnu was a sweet, lovable and beautiful girl, aged six years. She was an adorable kid as she always obeyed her elders. Minnu’s parents loved her for her amazing behavior.

One day, Minnu’s mother took her for grocery shopping. As they passed the shops, Minnu noted a cute plastic pearl necklace in dazzling pink! She asked her mother to buy her the necklace. Her mother told her that it cost quite a few pennies. She asked her to do some chores, so that for every completed piece of work Minnu would get some money and she could buy the pink necklace. […]


Who hasn’t heard of brave King Porus, or Paurava, to give him his real name?

Long ago, Paurava ruled over a kingdom on the banks of the River Jhelum, in Punjab. One day, a messenger rushed to tell him that his kingdom was being attacked by Alexander of Greece. ‘He commands you to go pay your respects to him, Your Majesty,’ said the man. […]


Rishi, 7 years, tiptoed to his room, opened his cupboard, made sure no one was watching, lifted a heavy book from the bottom rack and gazed through his prized possession. His collection of bank notes, coins and stamps! Rishi had always observed his father collecting a lot of stamps, and decided to follow that path, except that he kept looking for notes and coins strewn on the floor or lying on the road. […]


If you plan on bringing a puppy home, you need to get your home ready to welcome the little furball.

You first need to pick up all the basics. These include a collar and leash, bowls for water and food, a bed and some toys. Consult a vet about what kind of food your puppy needs and stock up on that too. […]


The word yoga is one that is now so popular everywhere. You must have surely seen videos and pictures of our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi leading thousands of people in the international day of yoga celebrations in the last few years. Maybe some of you are also learning yoga in school or elsewhere.
Let us try to understand what yoga is, where it comes from and why we must do yoga. […]


Do you like to share food or stuff with your sibling or friend? Or do you always feel the other gets a bigger share or better stuff? Well don’t, or you will feel as sorry as these two dogs, Timmy and Johnny. […]


Chinnu was a very hasty boy. He was always in a rush to do things. He drank his milk too fast and ended up spluttering and coughing. He gobbled his food without chewing properly and have indigestion afterwards. He left books behind at home in his haste to pack his bag. Whenever he went out of the house, he never bothered to strap on his slip-ons or if he were to wear shoes, he never tied the laces as he was always in a rush. […]


Mini and Myna were two 6-year-old, identical twin sisters. They were not just very cute looking but were quite naughty too. As the girls mostly wore similar frocks, many often mistook them for the other twin, and the little girls always had a good laugh about the same. One day it was their friend Ritu’s birthday. Ritu had brought chocolates for all her friends in the playground. That is when Mini came and asked Ritu for another piece of chocolate. “Did I not give you a chocolate already?” “No, you didn’t Ritu. You might have given it to Myna,” said Mini. Ritu not realizing that Myna had not come to the park that day, gave another chocolate to Mini. […]