Practice makes one perfect

‘Practice makes one perfect’ is probably one line that we hear often, at many points in our lives. Be it as a baby attempting to roll for the first time or as a toddler who is trying to take those precious first steps or as a child trying to get balance on a two-wheeler after repeated failed attempts. ‘Practice makes one perfect’ is one line that is repeatedly used by every parent for their children and by every teacher for their students.

Well, it is not just children, even grown up adults get to hear about the importance of practice from somewhere or the other in their lives. Be it from a mentor, a dance teacher or a yoga instructor to even a boss in office. Hence, knowingly or unknowingly, ‘practice’ is one word that is engrained in each one of us from a very young age itself. Therefore, it is very important for everyone, especially young children to understand the importance of practice.

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In today's fast moving life, what we lack is "patience". It this patience that gives the important fuel to practice. And as you have verywell put up, practice takes care of the rest… Well written… Kudos …

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