Not Everything that is white is milk

A beautiful doll with lovely long hair, a super cool toy car, a bicycle etc might just be few of the many things that attract you instantly, so much so that you might not even think twice before demanding the same from your parents, or worse even fight with them for the same. More often than not we tend to get so attracted to the outer look of things, that we ignore everything else surrounding it. Now, is that right? Well, definitely NOT.

As a famous Indian proverb says, “veluthathelaam paal alla” (in Malayalam)/ “veluthathelaam paal ille” (in Tamil), literally meaning, not “everything that looks white is milk, or in simple words, something that might seem to be too good on the surface or on its outer appearance, might not really be the same when you look at it more closely. So, not everything that is shiny and superficially attractive is valuable. This is true not only for non-living things, but even in case of human beings too. For example, if you observe someone in your class who you feel is the most good-looking child from the outer appearance and wish to be his/ her friend only for that reason, and only later you realize that child shows no respect for neither the teachers nor fellow classmates, this is when the proverb, “not everything that is white is milk”, seems relevant.

To reflect upon

Have you ever had a similar experience when you got fooled by seeing how something appears to be on the surface?

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Good work Deepthi…..

Appreciate your work… Nice short bed time stories…

Thank you so much, Vinitha….. 🙂

Nice…. Everything that shines is not gold..

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