No Point crying Over Spilt Milk

With so many things happening in our lives on an everyday basis, it might not only be difficult, but almost impossible to keep a control on everything.  And when situations aren’t favorable, it is always better to look at the positives than cry over it unnecessarily. As the famous Hindi proverb goes, “ab pachtaye hoth kya, jab chidiya chug gayi khet,” literally meaning, what is the point of crying, when the birds ate all the farm. Or in other words, why cry over something when the damage is already done or why cry over something that has already happened.

There are often times when we get disappointed with so many things in life. From getting a low score in exams, not winning a match or even for a small fight with a friend, we sulk and cry thinking about it. But then friends, just think, is there any point crying over spilt milk? Definitely not. So, like mentioned before, it is always better to look at the positive and move on rather than just sitting back and being sad over it.

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