It Takes Every Drop to fill a Pitcher

Have you ever wondered how your life would be without any failures? The thought itself might bring a smile on our faces, but as a matter of fact, is that ever possible? Well, let’s face it. Never really. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. What we achieve as an end result might not be in our hands, but dedicatedly working towards achieving a goal is definitely in our hands itself.

Perseverance is certainly the key to success. Like the famous Hindi proverb that says, “boond boond se ghara bharta hai,” which literally means – it takes every drop to fill the pitcher. It is important for everyone, especially young children who face competition every day to understand that it is only sincerity and hard work that will lead one to success. The path might not always be easy. Difficulties and hardships are bound to come along, but staying strong and not giving up would bring out the true winner in each of us. Like in case of the ants who remain focused on their path and keep moving to reach their goal. You stop them, you block them, but you’ll only see them moving towards their goal and never once giving up, and there itself you see the winner. This is what each one of us should also aim for in life. Keep going and never ever give up, whatever the situation be.

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