Every time we get into our car, what is the entertainment we reach out for? The radio. With umpteen number of channels to choose from, a long and tedious drive becomes shorter and a stressful day turns relaxing.

Visit a casual diner or a favourite dhaba, the food gets tastier as you listen to your favourite numbers being played on the radio.

Even at home, with several appliances for entertainment, there are many who still prefer the radio.

Actually, the radio should occupy a place of pride in every Indian’s heart. Do you know why? An Indian was responsible for bringing it to the world! Yes, it’s true.

Our very own Jagdish Chandra Bose, who was a prominent Bengali physicist, discovered and demonstrated radio communication waves. His discovery is responsible for the modern wireless communication that we cannot do without today.

Kudos to this great Indian physicist!

To reflect upon

The radio, though seemingly boring when compared to the excitement of 5D video has contributed significantly in various instances. Can you find out what these are?

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