Which is the Most Literate State in India?

Literacy rate in India has always been quite uneven, with different States and Union Territories having their own literacy rates. Kerala is the only state that has constantly been credited to being called the most literate state in India. According to Census 2011, Kerala has the highest total literacy rate and the highest female literacy rate as well.

Kerala has been able to hold on to the position firmly for almost more than a decade now and is clearly the most educated state in our country. The literacy rate of this state is 93.91% which is the highest figure of literacy percentage in the list and it has been through a growth of 3% from the census which took place in 2001 to the census which happened in the year 2011.

Close behind Kerala is Lakshadweep with a literacy rate of 92.28%, which is 5.62% higher than the data that came out from the census of 2001. Mizoram slipped down to the third place from the second place. There is a steady growth in the rate of literacy of this state. The literacy rate of Mizoram is 91.58%, which is almost 2% higher than the data recorded in the census of 2001.

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