Where is the Silent Valley?

In Kerala’s Palakkad District there is a place called the Silent Valley. It is one of the few forest areas in the world which hasn’t been much disturbed by us human beings.

Some people say it got its name because the sound of cicadas isn’t heard there. Cicadas are insects which make a continuous loud buzzing noise. We can hear them in other forests and even in city parks. Others think the name came from a type of monkey that lives there. It is known as Lion-tailed Macaque but scientists call it Macaca Silenus. It is an endangered animal. That means there aren’t too many of them in the world and we have to take care of the few that are left.

The Silent Valley has many animals, birds, insects, reptiles and plants that are rare. Some years ago there was a plan to build an electricity plant there. It would have harmed animals and plants. After many people pointed out how bad this would be, the plan was dropped.

Now Silent Valley is a National Park, where wildlife is protected.

Visitors are allowed in some parts of Silent Valley. The Kerala Government holds Nature Camps there for school children.

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