Where in India are ID cards issued for cows?

Yes, we have heard of ID cards for people, both adults and children. We have heard of cute name tags for household pets. But have we ever heard of ID Cards for cows?

Yes, indeed, surprising as it may seem, along India’s border, authorities have come up with a novel solution to prevent the smuggling of cattle into Bangladesh.

Photo ID cards!

According to one estimate, at least 25,000 cows are smuggled into Bangladesh every day from India, mostly through the Indian state of West Bengal.

Residents of Murshidabad, a district bordering Bangladesh, were asked to prepare identification photos for all local cattle.

The ID cards are being issued by the local administration to help the Indian Border Security Force and police intercept cattle smuggled across the border.

Authorities say crime syndicates find it easy to tamper with branding or tattooing. Tampering with photo ID cards is harder, they say, because they carry the name and address of the owner and the cards’ details are registered.

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