What is Khadi?

The tradition of hand weaving fabrics has been a part of Indian knowledge systems for over 5000 years. However, the “Khadi” movement got a great stimulus when Mahatma Gandhi revived the ancient hand weaving tradition as part of his freedom movement.

Khadi or Khaddar is handmade, hand spun and hand-woven fabric made by thousands of skilled artisans. It is a cool, comfortable and environment friendly fabric suitable for all types of season.

In India’s fight for independence,. The spinning of khadi was one of the non-violent methods adopted and popularized by Mahatma Gandhi to defy the British imposed import of foreign made textiles. This went on the become an all-India Movement.

Gandhiji also saw this as a way to unify Indians of all castes and communities. It was also a way to boost the local economy.

Today Khadi has seen quite a resurgence in numerous shades and designs with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modiji also spearheading the promotion and sales of Indian made Khadi cloth. Khadi is now becoming the textile of choice even for well known international fashion designers.

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