How many spokes are there in the Ashok Chakra?

The blue wheel at the center of India’s national flag is known as the Ashok Chakra. It has 24 spokes.

It is called the Ashok Chakra because it was used by Emperor Ashoka, who ruled in India hundreds of years ago. He was a follower of Lord Buddha, and gave his people some rules to live a good life. In those days, there was no Internet or even printed books. So these laws were carved on stone pillars which everyone could see. Symbols like the Chakra, which is important in Buddhism, helped people remember what they read. The Ashok Chakra is also called the Dharma Chakra or Wheel of Duty.

Each of the 24 spokes represents a good quality. Love, peace, sacrifice, friendship, hard work, equality, justice and wisdom are some of them.

The Ashok Chakra on our flag reminds us that we should love our country and one another, we need to get wisdom, make sacrifices, and see that there is peace, equality and justice in our land.

The spokes also stand for the 24 hours in a day, telling us that time keeps moving like the wheel, and we must work hard always to make our country great.

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