How many people are fed in Shirdi Temple everyday?

What does it take to prepare food for thousands of people every day? Is it state-of-the-art machinery? A lot of manpower? An endless supply of groceries or is it just pure hard work and dedication? Well, the answer is, all that and more. Here’s a sneak peak into one of India’s mega kitchens that will give you some perspective the next time you struggle to cook instant food for 5 of your friends.

Shirdi is one of India’s most populart pilgrimage destinations and the Sri Saui Shirdi Sansthan Prasthalaya at Shirdi houses one of the largest solar powered kitchedn in India.

The Sai Baba temple trust has a huge dining spoace with a seating capacity of 5500 and over 1,00,000 dveotees eat here daily, with the numbers doubling and even tripling on festive days.

Huge refrigerating rooms have been built for keeping vegetables fresh. All the cooking is done with modern machines, giving top priority to hygiene.

Besides fresh meals, the kitchen also prepares thousands of ‘breakfast packets’ that are distributed free of charge in the early morning hours.

The Prasadalaya is open from morning till night and meals are offered to adults and children at a huge subsidy. The food is simple Maharashtrian fare, but nutritious and filling.

For the poor and underprivileged, free food is also provided.

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