The collector!

Rishi, 7 years, tiptoed to his room, opened his cupboard, made sure no one was watching, lifted a heavy book from the bottom rack and gazed through his prized possession. His collection of bank notes, coins and stamps! Rishi had always observed his father collecting a lot of stamps, and decided to follow that path, except that he kept looking for notes and coins strewn on the floor or lying on the road.

As Rishi grew older, his interest grew and his collection matured; Rishi slowly turned into a serious collector. The scrapbook gave way to an expensive folder which had non-PVC sheets and sleeves. He was inspired by the glass jars full of 25paise and 50paise coins that his father had painstakingly gathered.

Bank note sets got added from all over the world! Madagascar, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Russia, India – the list was endless. There was a “One” denomination collection, The “Queen’s “Collection, the “owl” stamps collection. Rishi was proud to show them off and how! His friends hovered around him just to see the famous “Maata Vaishnodevi” embossed coins and the notes that bore the image of Mahatma Gandhi reading the Bhagavadgita.

Rishi’s father helped him in sorting out the extensive collection, while his mother with cups of tea and snacks, neatly stacked the notes into the sleeves Through this process of collecting, sorting and maintaining his collection, Rishi and his parents bonded immensely. They were very proud of their son’s hobby, and supported it whole heartedly even though it was expensive.
Whenever Rishi talks about his collection, his eyes twinkle! It makes all the time spent and the efforts put in searching for notes, coins, stamps, and sometimes even old enamel sign boards absolutely worth it! Like Rishi says there is a story in every coin, every stamp, every note waiting to be told and he is only too happy to share them with everyone.

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