The Book Lover

Ramya came back from school all excited. She had just been given a new Tamil book by her best friend and couldn’t wait to start reading it. Anticipating this, her Amma sighed as Ramya sat down with the book.

“You need to wash up and eat something before you open that book!”, said Amma. But Ramya had already plunged into the book; such was her love for the written word!

Tamil was not a language in Ramya’s curriculum at school, but Amma thought it was important that she learned her mother tongue. As Amma taught her Tamil, Ramya fell in love with the language instantly, just as she did with English.

Accompanying her Appa to the Connemara library and the Annual book fairs were events that Ramya looked forward to with great excitement. With every year the number of books she bought increased and the space at home decreased. In fact, there were some friends who remarked that she spent more time with books than with people!

It wasn’t just the story, but also the font size, weight , illustrations and colors used in the books that drew her attention! Deftly, Ramya would also plan how to fit her favorite book between her school books and secretly complete the book in class, while managing to look studious!

As the years went by, the love for reading opened multiple avenues for her. It honed her writing skills and made her an effective communicator.

Today, Ramya plays a key role as a Senior Manager in a Company. Despite the numerous tasks she is engaged in, she always finds time to read a few chapters from a book every day; for her, reading is not just a hobby or distraction but a way of life.

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