Summer Care for your Dog

Summers in India are unbearable not just for humans but our furry friends too. As a dog owner, you need to take precautions to ensure that your dog stays healthy and well hydrated during the blistering summer months. Here are some pointers:

Your dog needs to be indoors. If your dog is left outdoors, then ensure there is a shaded spot for him to escape the hot sun.

Make sure your dog has plenty of drinking water. If your dog does not drink sufficient water, he could get dehydrated. Always check the water bowls to ensure there is water. Ideally, give him cold water. The occasional ice chips on a hot day would be a welcome treat for your four-legged pal! And if you plan to take him out, always carry his water bowl and some cold water.

Don’t walk him during the day. Long walks should be schedules for early mornings or late evenings when the sun is down.

Exercise your dog less. During the hot summer months, it makes sense to cut down on long walks or extended ball-throwing sessions. Dogs get excited and don’t know when they are dehydrated. It’s up to us as owners to keep a watch on their activity levels.

Never leave your dog inside a car: This means even with the air-conditioning on or with the windows down. Cars heat up and the temperature in a parked car can soar to 40 -60 degrees Celsius – even when it is parked in the shade.
An important point: If your dog has high body temperature, is panting terribly, salivating too much or bleeding from the nose, then he could be experiencing from a heat stroke. Rush him to the vet instantly.

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