Soaps and Salads

I have always known that my friend and colleague Deepa was a book worm. Armed with a list of books (that she would have read, cover to cover, in just 2 or 3 days), Deepa was forever giving us recommendations. One day, I noticed that instead of books, she was talking colors, exotic colors: ruby red, emerald green, sunshine yellow!

Wondering what was up, I asked her if she had taken to painting; true to her style, she gave me a long-suffering look. She opened her lunch box, and it was full of these colors! A salad of red tomatoes, green, red and yellow capsicums with some herbs sprinkled on them. I simply couldn’t say no to her offer to taste some and it was yummy!

Just when I was getting used to these colors, Deepa started speaking fragrances, exotic fragrances! Now this, I had to investigate.

Deepa had just discovered the art of making handmade soaps! She loved making soaps with different fragrances and of different colors. Soap making was the next step in her journey to live closer to nature and do her bit to reduce the assault on nature. A quick exploration of the city had landed her in a class where she learnt the art of making soaps. She discovered the melt and pour & cold press methods, and found the whole process of creating a soap extremely therapeutic.

Thus began the journey of procuring a long list of raw materials, examining the right ingredients, making sure that the fragrances were accurate and the brand Soap Studio was born. What started with just making simple soaps for herself, soon became something that family and friends began to love. Some were neighbors who had stumbled upon this because of the aromas that crept out of her home into the streets, while the soaps were being made.

Flashing that lovely smile of hers, Deepa plunges into her first love, writing, while the soaps and salads wait for their happy consumers.

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