Help! I am struggling with my homework

Homework and struggles with doing homework always comes up as a topic of discussion with me. Some of us forget to write down the homework topics at school, some of us are not organised, we don’t know where our homework books are, we don’t keep our writing tools in place to note down things in time. For some others amongst us we just don’t want to do it because it is boring, long and difficult. Here are some quick tips to solve your homework problems.

1. Once you come home tell your parents about where you will be doing the homework and at what time you will be reviewing it with your parents.

2. Take some rest breaks between homework. If you feel like you want to take a break like use the bathroom or you feel a bit restless take a movement break. You can do some trampoline jumps carry out animal walks like bear walk, wheelbarrow walk and so on.

3. Do homework in segments then the quality of homework is likely to be great.

4. Start early: If you have been given a large assignment start planning as well as doing your work many days before your deadline.

5. Break up big pieces of assignments into small pieces of work: If you have a large assignment to do, break it up into say 3 or 4 parts. After you complete each part do something fun like ball games, hopscotch and so on.

5. Plan before time: Ask your parent to draw a monthly planner for you. Once you come from school write down things like : on a Thursday I am going to do my Maths homework.

Here is a list for you to follow and tick. Print this and paste it in your study area. Happy home working !

1. I come home and have a snack
2. I take out my homework book and check my homework
3. I decide where to sit and do my homework and at what time I will do it with my parent
4. I organize my homework station and clean up any mess
5. I take pens, pencils and books to do my homework and sit down to work
6. I take a movement break in-between my work
7. I return back to finishing my homework
8. I put my homework in my school bag for tomorrow
9. I review and tell my parents all that I have done so far
10. I show this check list to my parents
11. I get to school and take out my homework book to my teachers .

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Very nice Archana, share like this articles it will be useful. Good

Thank you Chithra . Pls feel free to share with parents of autistic kids , kids with brain injury , adhd and kids with executive functioning issues .

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