Getting Ready for a Puppy

If you plan on bringing a puppy home, you need to get your home ready to welcome the little furball.

You first need to pick up all the basics. These include a collar and leash, bowls for water and food, a bed and some toys. Consult a vet about what kind of food your puppy needs and stock up on that too.

If you live in an independent house, ensure that the house is fenced off properly – you don’t want your puppy slipping out and getting lost. If you plan on keeping your dog outside and not letting him into the house, then do ensure that you have a spacious, well-ventilated kennel that is protected from the elements.

If your puppy is going to be in the house, then you need to demarcate a sleeping area and a feeding area for him. Train your pup to sleep in the demarcated area otherwise you’re going to have him jumping up onto your sofa or bed. In the initial stages, till you can take him out, you will need to demarcate an area for him to pee and poop.

Make sure that all wires – telephone, TV, electrical appliances, etc are out of reach of the pup because puppies are in the habit of chewing anything in sight! Similarly, keep footwear, socks, cushions, books, newspapers, etc out of reach of the pup. Buy some chewy toys to keep your puppy occupied

If you have marble flooring or shiny smooth tiles, don’t go for a large breed. They find it difficult to balance on slippery floors; many develop bowlegs or even slip and fracture their legs. You could spread rubber or coir mats, but don’t go for pricey stuff. Your pup is going to chew them!

Follow these guidelines and your home is ready to welcome a furry ball of mischief!

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