Don’t Poison Your Dog

Did you know that many of our household items could be poisonous for dogs?
Here is a checklist of some of the stuff that can be toxic for your doggie.

• Keep all cleaning liquids like floor cleaning solutions, bathroom cleaners, etc away from your pet’s reach. They could give your dog an upset tummy, skin problems and could even be fatal.

• Fertilizers can cause death for your dog. Keep them locked up. When treating your garden with fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides, always keep your dog locked up until the area is completely dry.

• If you plan on pest control or if you are planning to spray your house with insecticides, keep your dog away during the process.

• Boric acid mixed with sugar is a common way to trap cockroaches in India. If you have a pet, find some other way to tackle your cockroach problem because it’s poisonous for them.

• Many human medications can cause problems for dogs. Store your medicines in a cabinet or at least ensure that they are out of reach of your dog. ALWAYS check with your vet before giving any human medication to your dog,

• Simple stuff like mothballs, cigarettes, matchboxes and batteries should be kept away from dogs. Don’t give your dog alcohol; it’s poisonous for him.

• Chocolates are toxic for dogs. Even small amounts can cause pancreatic problems.

• Keep your garbage bin in a safe place where your doggie cannot rifle through it. He could pick up chicken bones or fish bones, which could get stuck in his throat or even choke him.

• Anti-tick medications need to be used with care. Follow the dosages prescribed and the instructions.

If you feel your dog has been poisoned, call up your vet immediately or take him to hospital. Don’t leave it untreated and don’t try self-treatment. It could be a matter of life and death.

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