Are you Ready to Bring a Dog Home?

Puppies are adorable. But can you commit to looking after one?

When you see a squishy, furry cute little puppy, chances are you want one for yourself. Many people take home pups, not realizing that taking care of a pup is a full-time job. They need affection, devotion and loads of care. When they are young, they are going to poop and pee all over the house. Toilet training needs patience and time – your pup will be toilet trained usually by the time he is six months.

First, discuss your decision with all your family members. Who is going to take care of the puppy or are you going to take turns? A pup needs need company. Left alone, they can get destructive and lonely.

Puppies and full-grown dogs need plenty of exercise. Someone needs to dedicate time to taking them out for a long walk at least once (ideally twice) a day.

Think carefully about the breed of dog you want. For small apartments, a small dog like a Pomeranian or a Dachshund or Pug is ideal. Or even an Indie. If you have a large apartment or independent house, you could look at larger breed dogs.

If you plan to chain your puppy or leave him outside the house, then it’s best you don’t get one. Dogs are pack animals and they need human company. Chaining a dog is an act of cruelty.

Can you afford a dog? Indies and cross-breed dogs are hardier than pedigree dogs. Pedigree dogs invariably have health issues. But whatever dog you get, they need their shots every year, and other stuff like calcium, vitamin supplements, toys, leashes and collars, food and medication if they fall sick – all these costs add up.

When you bring a puppy home, you are committing yourself to ten to fifteen years of looking after the dog. If you can’t make that commitment, then it’s wiser not to get yourself a furry friend.

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The pet column is really informative. Please do continue this and try to include other pets like cats, for instance.

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