The first thing that would come to your mind while reading the title, would be a clock or a watch and the numbers on it. Have you ever wondered how these numbers and figures came to be?

Time at the most basic level can be understood as ‘change.’ Our world has a unique secret that even at the smallest level of form, everything is in motion! Something is always moving with respect to the other. One way to understand the essence of this is, imagine you are in a closed room. Everything in the room is still. Would you be able to say how much time has passed? No. But assume there’s a water tap in one corner of the room and water is dripping from it at a constant speed. This would give a sense of time. Moving forward, imagine now there’s a small window through which you can see the sky. You start counting the number of drops dripping when you see the sun through the window and stop when you see the sun again. Any guesses what this is? This is what we call a day. Time here is calculated from the dripping of water. Similarly, after years of improvement we have our present idea of time where a day has 24 hours.

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