The Expanding Universe

In our previous article we spoke about the beginning of everything; Everything started with the Big Bang. Now we ask ourselves what happened after and if it has an end. Our universe has been there for a very long time. About 13.8 billion years (that’s 9 zeros after 13!), so what happens now? Will our universe be there forever? With all the astronomy we have learned till now we will try to answer a few questions and in the process make new ones.

Let’s start by saying that our universe is like a big balloon with many dots. As we blow air into the balloon, the dots move further apart. Here we present our first case.
For understanding the next part, let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine you have hot water, a plate and a glass. You pour hot water onto both glass and plate. Which water will cool first?

One way to understand this at basic level is to know that more spread out something is, faster it cools. Now let’s come back to the universe. Our universe which is a balloon is getting big; our dots are moving apart. Therefore, things are spreading apart as our balloon universe is getting bigger and bigger. And from the thought experiment we know that this will make our universe colder and colder. And what happens when you cool things too much? They freeze. This end of universe is called Cold Death.

*Fun Experiment:*
Take a balloon. Draw some dots on the balloon. Now blow air into it. You will see that the dots move apart as you blow more and more air into it.
Treat this as an analogy to the Expanding Universe

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