The Beginning of Everything…

A long long time ago everything we see and feel around us like gadgets, automobiles, houses, plants, our environment at large and even the Sun was no bigger than a tiny little seed. This seed was made of pure energy. One day this seed exploded. It was the brightest explosion ever, called the Big Bang. It was the beginning of our world and the beginning of time. This seed as it exploded got bigger and bigger like a balloon. As the balloon got bigger things started changing. For a period of time there was no light in our world and this period was called the dark ages. Then the first light from the explosion, lit up the world.

After a long time from the explosion, the first star was born. Like people, stars too have life cycle. They also face the ultimate truth that is death. When stars die, they explode, giving birth to new stars. Thus slowly the world started populating with large number of stars. These stars started grouping together like families. These group of stars are called ‘clusters’. These ‘clusters’ then formed galaxies. A long time since the birth of the first star, our Sun which is also a star, was born in one such galaxy, called the Milky Way galaxy. This is how everything started and our existence became possible…

Fun Fact:

The age of the world is our age, so we are actually 13800000000 years old!

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