Long long ago a star was born in the milky way, a baby star. The baby star had a disk of things going around it. As the star grew older, the things going around started forming lumps called ‘Planets’, adding more members to the star’s family. The planets were a bit different from the star. There were 10 of them in the beginning.
They were all going around the star – the sun in near circles. The size of each planet’s circle was different. After many many years since the Sun was born, a huge rock plunged into the planet in the third circle. The rock had water in it and it rained for a very long time on the rock! When the rain stopped, the third rock was covered 3/4 in water, making the very first ocean. The inside of the third rock was very hot and had gases coming from it. Water in the ocean and gases from insides of the third rock gave birth to what we now call ‘Life.’ Life was a gift. As time passed life started taking complex forms. After many generations, life, now crawled it’s way to land. Many, many more years after the birth of the first life came one creature which walked the earth on its two lower limbs. It was different from the rest. It was curious. Thus began the era of humans. Through ages humans got to learn more and more about it’s surrounding and became intelligent. The curious bipeds started understanding their home; the third rock. Humans had many different names for it’s home rock. One such name for it, was ‘Earth.’

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