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In the formative years of a human being, there are many aspects that must be taken into account, to ensure that, in later years of adulthood, the foundation so laid, will form a strong combination of body, mind and soul for a healthy life.
While it is possible to see the ‘body’ and how the physical form develops into a seemingly healthy shape, the other two unseen aspects of the trio – ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ are elements that can only be tuned by proper training, tutoring and discipline.

It can be said that if the mind is well-trained to tackle the rigours of daily life, the soul will form a nucleus within the body and send out the right signals and commands to ensure that a disciplined regime is followed by the body. Therefore, the three vital aspects of body, mind and soul will often work in a perfectly synchronized manner allowing the human being to lead a disciplined life.

Training the mind to follow the best practices of life is necessary to be done while the human body is still very small. In other words, childhood is the ideal age when the mind must be trained to think and arrive at logical solutions for day to day actions. While, these would involve several bodily functions including eating and sleeping, the mind should also get trained in following spiritual matters that are helpful for the body to develop. Spiritual matters need not be religious, per se, but praying, chanting, yoga, are all done to train the mind to be disciplined, thereby developing a well-rounded soul within a healthy body.

It is very difficult to explain to a child what a ‘soul’ is. You could well say that, if the child uses his mind to undertake a certain activity like exercise or chanting or yoga and if, that gives the body a certain amount of tiredness leading to a phase of relaxation of the body, the peacefulness the child enjoys is akin to a contented soul within his body. “A soul is a divine energy, a little piece of God within you. It is your inner identity,” could be the message conveyed to a child. That should help the child to identify the soul within and look for it every time he does a routine that helps his body and mind.

Hence, body, mind and soul are the three sides of a triangle, the combination of which forms the inner self which is contained within the shape, in other words, the human body.

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