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July 2020


FAITH is that omnipotent force which carries, nurtures and holds us at every moment of our lives. As I have also tread into every path of this beautiful journey called life, the one thing which has been my ‘friend for life’ is FAITH…

There are many experiences I can share in the context of “ How Faith carried me…” yet I want to highlight one recent incident which was a real evidence of “FAITH IS and FAITH ALONE WORKS.” Before I move into taking my friends into an experience of this incident, I would like to reiterate the fact that even now when my fingers are moving on the key board to write these words is an evidence of Faith IS. Faith can be on anything – myself, on a higher force with which I connect or something which holds personal value to me. The very fact that I am waking up each day to a beautiful morning is because of the FAITH I have or hold within.

Each person grows up with their own set of beliefs which to them defines their FAITH. For me, early in life my Faith had got firm on GOD. Any calamity which came my way was never questioned by me with remarks like , “ Why me God?” but always with an acceptance of “ Why me, God? Why do you love me so much? ” I would like to extend my gratitude to my mother for forming this acceptance in my sub conscious cells. I had seen her sail through challenging times in her life by holding on to her GOD at all times.

Many a times I had seen her crying in front of God (with no complaints) but talking to Him , dancing or singing in front of the idol in our prayer room in her bhakti and unconditional surrender. This gave her immense strength to move on in life and face any circumstance with unflinching grit and determination as she had drenched herself with the power of her God.

As my Revered Guru Mahatria says, “ Children learn much more from what they see than what they hear.” I too as a child, in seeing her in Bhakti and devotion had grown into that same attribute unconsciously…

Hence this article flows with an earnest desire to request all parents, teachers and educators who are reading this, to be a role model worth emulating…

Life had filled me with my share of bends and curves too but at every moment FAITH CARRIED ME… I could feel my inner voice humming within , “ Row row row your boat gently down the stream; merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream…” Words from a famous poem, “ The Cup” written by Swami Vivekananda always assured to me that each one of us are only given as much as we can bear. God knows how much and what we can bear and He will only give to us what we deserve. Most graciously enough, along with this I could feel THE ENERGY of my God always with and within me which was carrying me.

In the recent months ‘The Corona Virus Pandemic’ has pervaded the entire world and human beings have been asked to take precautionary measures to safe guard themselves. We had also been taking the necessary precautions till two of our helpers were detected with a positive result. They had to be moved into isolation and according to the government norms, we were asked to get ourselves tested too. We had to ask the medical fraternity to send someone for home testing as we were not allowed to step out till our tests were done. The condition for moving out was only when our results would be negative. Till then we would have to be quarantined behind the steel barricades which were put in front of our flat.

The two days seemed like a test for us sent by GOD. The three of us ( my husband, son and myself) were locked in a flat and a quarantine help boy was assigned to us to look into our daily provisions and needs. Initially I was taken aback but in a matter of few minutes I reconciled to whatever was going on. After all, it was all HIS DIVINE LEELA ( God’s Divine Play). The feeling for me was very different – a nature lover who would be up early in the morning, go to the terrace and then for my morning walk was suddenly confined within.

I realized these two days had come as a blessing for me, I was not shaken in any way. I had just surrendered to my GOD. When HE IS NEAR, then what is there to FEAR! HE had sailed me through many ups and downs; bends and curves and this was a trivial one too. Life had always been a fun filled roller coaster ride for me. As I went up in the roller coaster I would squeal in excitement and as I would come down I would again close my eyes in surrender…That is exactly what I was feeling now!

My mother was calling me and reassuring to me that we would all be safe. The vibrations of a mother/parent/well wisher carries the child in every moment of life. She was that force for me. I too was only connecting with my GOD to carry us through. I had experienced very deep silent moments with my GOD during the lockdown phase which had been going on for four months now. This had instilled a FAITH in me, beyond my own comprehension. I could Face Anything In Trusting Him.

These two days had been like an icing on the cake where God had revealed to me in infinite ways (my deepest experiences), sometimes gazing at me through the skies – THE MOON; at times a whisper in silence by Him and many a times through calls received by some of my closest friends who had always aligned me to the righteous path of positive thinking.

Then came the final day – our results were out and all three of us were detected with a negative result. My FAITH in my GOD had formed a PROTECTIVE FENCE of HIS DIVINE ENERGY around the three of us…

The three of us happily packed to move away from the flat where we had shifted for a couple of months while our house was getting renovated to again come back home. We had discovered through the Pandemic how we could make a house under renovation with broken floors and rooms still a place of worship – our temple.

Tears are flowing through my eyes as I am writing down these words. I am unable to fathom HIS LOVE for me and for each one of us. The heart is echoing a phrase within, “why do You love me so much my GOD?” He knows and He alone knows what each one of us deserves and He will only give us to the capacity we are able to endure.

I raise my hands in surrender swaying and singing – “YOUR WAYS are YOUR WAYS my GOD.
HOLD me close to YOURSELF and leave me not.” I am sure when you surrender to GOD or to your FAITH, Faith will carry you through. Just like my FAITH CARRIES ME THROUGH at every moment of life…


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