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June 2020



My dear readers, the entire world is going through a time like never before with the Pandemic having struck each one of us physically, mentally and to a large extent socially.

What is the solution at this time, either to get sucked in it or come out of it happily. I want to share my thoughts on how we can keep our happiness intact at this stage. The motto of our life should be to live happily such that our children can also imbibe this.

We have heard this phrase very often from children as they easily assign the title of a BEST FRIEND to whom they relate with most lovingly and affectionately. They hold on to this person for a fairly long time till they experience any untoward incident with them. In that context the idea of a BEST FRIEND for children keeps moving from one to the other. But if they have got their connect with one such person they will hold on to that for eternity.

I feel this is common for each one of us not only children. Sharing my experience in this aspect. I would like to say luckily enough or rather most graciously enough I have held on to that ONE for a lifetime. It is not right for me to assign a label to GOD as a person but that is what we are made to believe from childhood. We relate to God as an entity like us but added with supreme miraculous powers. We are taught to offer HIM food (as though He will eat in reality) yet that is a belief we have lived with and shall continue to do so…

In the literal sense by offering food to God before eating we are actually invoking HIM and taking his blessings to digest the food we are putting in our mouth.

Having an age difference of ten years between me and my eldest brother I always felt I had no close person to relate to in my inner circle. My father being a very orthodox person would not encourage me to be with friends after school. As such very often I felt the deprivation of having a sibling of the same sex. At those times I would ask my mother for giving me a sister with whom I could talk to, share my feelings with and play with. Basically a friend with whom I could always relate to…

I recall once, in my younger years she had told me, “ Manisha GOD is your BEST FRIEND, you can talk to Him anytime and every time. You can play with him, dance with him as He will always be with you. You simply have to visualize HIM with you. All you have to do is close your eyes, invoke Him and LO! the next minute He will be next to you.”

This statement got etched in my mind, heart and soul. The idol of small baby Krishna in our prayer room was the persona I related to in the context of God as a person. Whenever I wanted to be with my best friend physically, I would go to the prayer room and talk to my Krishna. Whenever I wanted someone to play with me I would gently close my eyes, first visualize my Krishna next to me and started playing. This got translated in every activity where I sought companionship. Slowly I grew into a feeling of never being alone as I had found my eternal BEST friend.

Henceforth in my younger years whenever Dad, Mom and myself travelled in a train together, I would keep looking at the passing scenery. It seemed to me that I could see and talk to God through the trees; as I gazed up in the sky and through every flower that bloomed. God never got restricted in the prayer room for me, I could feel the presence of God always with me. I had accepted GOD to be my BEST FRIEND at a tender age of five and as four decades have passed by I still hold on to the same feeling.

With different roles to play as a daughter, sister, mother, seeker, entrepreneur I have always felt how I can be a BEST FRIEND to someone. If that is not possible then how else can I play my part to make someone relate to God as their best friend.

When my son was born, the same story seemed to have repeated itself with him. He is the only child and we had moved to another city when he was two years. We did not have any relatives or friends here as it was a totally new place for us. Many times he would miss companionship of his age and sex. Though I chose to be with him most of the time after work, to be that FRIEND to him yet I could understand the emptiness in him too. Like my mother had told me in my younger years, I too reiterated the same thing to him. My son, Vedant held on to my words like ultimate truth. Believe me from then on his journey in life has been most exciting and thrilling as he felt his BEST FRIEND – “GOD” was always with him.

During this time the only resort each one of us can have is in the Supreme Power who is controlling the entire universe. If we make HIM our BEST FRIEND and in turn become a BEST FRIEND to someone who needs us the most, then we can make this period also the most beautiful one.

For a change let us drop thinking of all the negative words associated with the Pandemic and get GOD into our lives. Let us choose HIM above anything else to be our BEST FRIEND.

Believe me HE will fill you with HIS DIVINE ENERGY which will keep flowing through you at every moment….


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