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June 2019



In the words of my Revered Mahatria, I would like to reiterate, “ Your life, my life and the lives of each one of us will either serve as a Warning or as an Example. For our children, we are the only Quran they will read in a lifetime; the only Vedas that they will see; the only Bible they will experience; the only Dhammapada they will imbibe and the only Dharma that they will follow.”

How we behave and act is our responsibility to the next generation. In our own little ways let us always be that someone whom the world salutes. It is an awesome responsibility but the most beautiful one I must confess. I was touched with the following story which I would like to share with all my readers (young, old of any kind) here.

Once upon a time not too long ago a farmer, living in the mountainous section of one of the southern states, brought home a new wife to become the stepmother of his two small boys. The wife brought with her two sons of her own, and in due time a fifth son was born of the marriage.

The home was typical of that mountain country, and the farmer was the product of four generations of his people born and reared in poverty and illiteracy.

His wife, however, came from a more prosperous section of the state and had received the benefits of a cultural background and a college education. She was not the type to accept poverty and illiteracy without protest.

The evening on which the farmer brought his new wife to their home he introduced her to relatives and friends who had gathered there for the wedding reception. And finally he introduced her to his eldest son, a lad of nine years, with the following words: “And now I wish you to meet the fellow who is distinguished for being the worst boy in this country and will probably start throwing rocks at you no later than tomorrow morning.”

The stepmother went over to the young “ Jessie James,” placed her hand under his chin, tilted his head upward, looked squarely in the eyes for a moment, and then turned to her husband and said, “ You are wrong. This is not the worst boy in the country, but the smartest, who has not yet found the proper outlet for his enthusiasm.”

Then and there began a friendship between that young boy and his new mother which was destined to project its influence for good throughout half of the civilized world. That was the first time anyone had ever called the boy smart. His relatives, including his father, as well as the neighbours, had built him up in his own mind as being a bad boy, and he had not disappointed them. His stepmother, in one brief sentence, changed all that!

Think of this story, fathers and mothers, for you have it within your power to influence your youngsters. You may be inspired to work miracles in the lives of some who need only the right influence to give them start on the road that leads to happiness.

The stepmother was a small woman, but what she lacked in size she more than made up in ambition and enthusiasm. She proved to be an example for the family and with her love and empathy was able to win the heart of a young boy and transform him into becoming a role model for others to follow. Each one of us have the power within us to live a life worthy of our own potential. Let us tap it and inspire others to aspire…


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