Editor’s Note

April 2020


Dear Friends and children, I welcome each one into the next month of our calendar promising us most and more abundant times together. The last month has seemingly been a very difficult one. The entire world has faced a situation like never before.

There has been a shift in the day to day working of every individual. All have been at home and are trying to sail through this turbulent time with unflinching FAITH in the Higher Force. One phrase resonates within “ This too shall pass. All will be well! “ This period will be known as history and through the years to come our children will be reading about it.

A few questions arise, “ Are we going to cover this as history to learn from, or are we simply going to cover this as a challenge faced by the world in 2020? Are we going to teach our children that in the midst of adversity only, man is able to show his true self rather than feeling dejected and helpless. “ The answer lies within and to those who are unable to go within, my expression follows…

The word ‘History’ has a very beautiful connotation. The Oxford English Dictionary defines History as the study of past events, particularly in human affairs associated with either a person or thing.  Let us quickly have a peek in the history which we have studied analyzing how we could enhance it further.

Winning has been so deeply a part of our psyche that history has been generally considered a chronicle of power; a list of who crushed whom and descriptions of rivalries among the strong. The wars…the fiery wars and finally the cold war!

I personally feel why hasn’t the intellectual history of mankind been considered as important. Why do we only have to study about the history of violence and death- struggles between countries and civilizations? Can we not for once give more importance to man’s artistic and technological ascent; the spiritual self and the evolving of the human consciousness?

Why can we not bring the untold his and her stories of the “daily” ness of human experiences to our children? There are people who live around us daily whose stories are worth much more than what we read in our stereotyped history text books. My sincere apologies for using the word “stereotype.” The only reason for me to cite it here has been to reiterate the fact that “ History at large is a vital image of the “daily-ness” of life to be read, to be explored, to be told and retold…”

The importance given to research and human ingenuity would go a long way in shifting the school goers mind from the need of conflict. With a lot more emphasis given on the positive side of human evolution we would be able to create a new world. A world where children would less likely, develop prejudices towards people of different beliefs and social statures. We would rather know what the lives of people were, when they were away from the sites of war.

This would contribute and herald a new shift in the study of History. It would focus on the History of Humanity, a rise in the human power of a new world of spiritual awakening. The beginning of the new world, a new era of our future leaders, our children…

A message which is the need of the hour and all our children should receive. A text which I will recommend all parents to read, our very own Upanishads which we have alienated.

The Mandaka Upanishad says: “ Like a thousand sparks from a blazing fire are we – of the same nature, the same origin.” 

This Pandemic has indeed shown us that we are nothing but a speck of dust in our universe, The Milky Way. As adults, let us take the ownership to create a world of aspiring and inspiring leaders who will be the “ “History Makers” about whom our future generations will read and aspire to become like. “ Aspiring to Inspire and Inspiring to Aspire…”


Our primary Mission is to inculcate in children, especially those of Indian origin, an awareness of and respect for our nation and the achievements of its people in diverse fields. This e-magazine covers every aspect of the Indian Subcontinent from little tidbits of general knowledge about India and Indians, to stories from Indian traditions, to insightful quotes from diverse spiritual traditions, Indian insights on health and wellbeing, and a virtual discovery of India through glimpses of its culture, history, geography, sports, arts and crafts, cuisine, flora and fauna, tourism etc.


Our Vision is to create a holistic outlook for the children by developing their mind, body and soul through the informative articles, stories and visuals carried in this e-magazine. By being an extension of our iSpark Holistic Happiness Studio, our vision is to ignite sparks of happiness in children through a healthy body, mind and soul.

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