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July 2019


“Children should be regarded as spiritual beings capable of great mental life, deserving respect and stimulation. It is the responsibility of the adult of how we are able to nurture this in the child from the time of conception.” Dr. Maria Montessori 

I was undergoing a one year Diploma program in The Montessori Method of Education from an Institute in Kolkata in the year 1996. This was an International program affiliated to the London Montessori Centre. All our course materials were from London and periodic assessment papers were sent to different examiners based in London. 

As days passed by I felt the course was educating me instead and I could feel an inner transformation happening.

The one year program was divided into various modules with theory subjects like Child Psychology, Philosophy of Education, The Psychic Being, The Spiritual Embryo and many more related to learning more of human behavior. As Educators for young children it was imperative for us to go into the depth of behavioral psychology to be sensitive towards their feelings and emotions.

A subject very close to my heart was that of ‘The Spiritual Embryo.’ To understand firstly that human birth is possible only when the presence of God gets established and secondly during these nine months the foetus ( in general terms the unborn child) should be nourished with good food for the development of a sound body, mind and soul.

The soul has its origin in the spiritual worlds of God. It is exalted above matter and the physical world. The individual has his beginning when the soul associates itself with the embryo at the time of conception.”

The above words had impacted upon me greatly and my perspective towards pregnancy and child birth changed miraculously. I started internalizing these learnings and felt how important it is for me to take on this responsibility to nurture children with the appropriate environment and upbringing.

As I was going through my studies I deciphered Montessori as a life philosophy to embrace and carry with me through my life time.

And motherhood can never be defined, it is a process and we keep discovering our self and evolving through each discovery…

This article is a salute to all mothers and above all salute to MOTHERHOOD itself. My Deepest Gratitude to God for blessing me with this human birth as a woman to be able to carry another life within me.

In giving love I truly discovered I am nothing but love and all I have to do is keep loving and keep giving…


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