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January 2020


My Dear Readers, wishing you all a super 2020 filled with happiness, love and peace.

Would like to start off the new year with a quick peek into my life. This would help us to understand that children are indeed “ Individual entities” designed for a purpose much larger than me, mine and myself. We are only the channels through which they come into existence and we have to play our part well enough.

I had done a one year International Montessori Diploma Course which was affiliated to the London Montessori Centre. The course was an in depth study of children between two to six years. Child psychology was an integral subject which had taught me how to see children. I am using the word ‘see children’ for a particular reason here. There is a general belief in all Indian families (the audience whom I have interacted with the most) that children are small creatures and are unable to make their own decisions. We as parents have to decide on their behalf and they simply have to follow us, leaving them with no choice of theirs.

At that time and even today this question arises in my mind; on one side we want children to be the future of the world, and on the other side we are barring them from their own growth by asking them to follow? How would this aid them in becoming the future leaders of the upcoming economy? To become leaders and not followers one has to make independent choices. Similarly children to be able to grow into confident young adults and the future leaders of the world have to make choices. The Montessori Course through all the practical applications and the theory subjects had taught me something very important in life before I was blessed to become a mother and venture into life as a Montessori Educator.

It taught me how to ‘ see children.’ To explain it further it taught me how to respect a child as an independent individual and guide him carefully to make the right choices whenever needed. With time they would certainly be able to make their own individual choices!

The DNA of my system was living every word as learnt during the Montessori Training period. I felt it had taught me a way of living above anything else. It had shown me love for children which was born out of respect, not merely treating them as puny little ones who needed help. Breathing this very Mantra I happily embarked upon my journey as a mother and educator. 

For me this journey was the most exciting and enjoyable one. I cherished every moment with my son looking forward to being with him and feeling most happy while fulfilling my responsibilities as a mother. Apart from this every day I learnt something from children either at my Montessori House for children or as a Kathak dance teacher from young girls aged eight years and above. During this journey I realized how much I had grown as an individual in my maturity levels.

Words like love, patience and forgiveness became a part of me and words like anger, jealousy and hatred repelled away from me. Over and above I realized these were not mere words, they had become an innate behavior pattern within me and some away from me.

The words of Revered Mahatria, “ It is not what you leave for your children that matters but what you leave in them that counts. “ filled me with peace and happiness.

I knew I had to play my part well as a mother, educator and teacher. The real test would be when the world saw these children living so in its entirety as they would take their first step outside…


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