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October 2019


Our financial economy does need a boost so buying and giving material things to children is the nature of our world. But our moral economy needs a much greater boost and there is no better way to turn that around than by giving love and time to children. Just love and time – it costs you nothing yet gives so much. 

Today, a disproportionate amount of time is being spent on improving external official relations, and a lot of effort goes into it. But, a man’s focus on developing family relationships seems to him as big a task as finding a mustard seed in a heap of grain. Today, a bigger problem than inflation, demonetization and terrorism is the increasing detachment in family relationships. The worst use of time is to do something very well that need not be done at all.

A small boy questioned his father, “ Pa, how much do you earn in an hour?” The father was furious at first on hearing such an inappropriate question and strongly condemned the son for the same. At night, once his work for the day was over and he was in a more relaxed frame of mind, he approached his son who lay on his bed and asked- “Son! Why did you ask me such a question this morning?” The son said nothing. The father said “I earn 500 rupees an hour, so tell me what do you want.” The child removed some cash from under his pillow and said “Pa, I am 200 rupees short of 500 rupees.” The father immediately handed him 200 rupees. The child, “ Pa! you said you earn 500 rupees an hour, so take these 500 rupees and give me an hour of your time.” On hearing this, the father’s eyes filled with tears of guilt and humiliation.

It is a common misconception that investing gives returns in business alone…Are investments in relationships not needed? Are investments in spiritual practices not needed? Are investments in virtues not needed? No doubt that financial investments provide financial profits; it is needed and let us also understand that it is momentary. But investments in relationships can be useful throughout life and investments in spiritual practices and virtues will reap profits even across births.

Above all I strongly feel by investing quality time with our children we are doing our best to nurture young plants into strong trees. We are laying a very strong foundation for their growth with our love and quality time. The family is at the heart of any nation.

If we want our nation to progress, we need our families to evolve. So what are we doing as adults, parents and educators? Let us introspect and seek the answer within. Our consciousness shall guide us and direct us towards the right direction.

People normally count only the floors and unfortunately, don’t focus on the foundation beneath the ground since it is not visible. The building actually rests on that well laid out foundation, which gives it, its strength and stability. If we lay down the ‘right’ constitution for our families, it will strengthen our ties. And stable families are the foundation for a strong nation.

So here we begin…let us Herald into the future to create strong families through our young ones…

I affirm to myself “ Wait not, Tarry no more!

Keep marching Keep going with one pointed focus…investing time and love for our children.”


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