Vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta)

Vine snakes are found in a lot of places around India except in the northwest and around the Gangetic basin. They are mainly arboreal in nature found in places like rain forests, low bushes and trees in the plains and are pretty much diurnal. Vine snakes rely on their colour and shape to escape being found.
When stimulated they can open their mouth really big and inflate their body very dangerously. They hold their prey until their mildly toxic venom kills them. When it is breeding season they often gather together in a clump and can be seen hanging in the branches. This snake species is one of the few that gives birth to live young between the months of March – December. They eat mainly lizards, mice, frogs and small birds. These snakes are harmless but greatly feared. This is because people believe that vine snakes poke people in the eye. So they are often killed at sight. This misbelief is because people usually view them at eye level since they live in trees.

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