Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus Siamensis )

This is one of rarest crocodile species in the world, being so critically endangered that for a couple of years they were said to be extinct. The Siamese crocodiles are a medium sized, freshwater species.
They look very similar to the saltwater crocodiles but are much smaller. A full grown Siamese crocodile usually do not exceed 3.5m. They can also be differentiated by a strong bony crest at the back of its head. They lay between 24 – 45 eggs and the females make mound nests for their eggs. They are found in wetlands throughout Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Brunei. They feed on small animals like snakes, frogs and fish and very rarely on large prey. The blood of the Siamese crocodile has antimicrobial properties.

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