Red-crowned roof turtle (Batagur Kachuga)

The red-crowned roof turtle is found in the Chambal River in North India. Basking on rocks and logs, quick to dive into the water with the slightest of disturbances, these turtles are a critically endangered species, due to habitat destruction – mainly caused by building of dams and sand mining.
Estimates put this animal in the wild to about 250 individuals. The females are also hunted for their meat. During the breeding season between October and December, the males acquire a colouration on their head and neck, a beautiful combination of red, yellow, white and blue. The brighter the colours the more attractive they are to the females. In captivity these turtles accept fish as food but also feed on water sedges. The females are much bigger in size as compared to the male. The clutch sizes ranges from 11 – 23 eggs.

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