Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

Wild komodo dragons are only found in the Sunda islands, Indonesia. Being the dominant predator on these islands eating anything from deer to buffaloes and even humans, they depend on camouflage and are extremely patient till their prey passes them.
After which they leap using their strong legs, sharp claws and serrated shark – like teeth to pierce the skin of the prey. In the rare instance that the prey escapes, it’s not as lucky as it feels as the dragons have an extremely poisonous saliva filled with bacteria which poisons them usually within a day. The komodo will peacefully stalk the victim for miles using their keen sense of smell to locate and find their meal. The dragons eat a lot in just one sitting and can eat up tp 80% of their weight. Females lay up to 30 eggs and are protective of them and will guard them for months. Young komodo dragons live on trees for 8 months or more to avoid predators and the larger dragons that might attack them. Komodo dragons can run up to 11 miles an hour in short bursts. They are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN red list due to natural disasters, poaching and human invasion.

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