Common Bronzeback Tree Snake (Dendrelaphis tristis)

The bronzeback tree snakes are found all over India, even all the way up in the Himalayas. They are arboreal in nature, living in thorny trees like acacia and low bushes, hiding in small rock gaps and tree holes.
These snakes are diurnal and active even in the hottest part of the day. Having no fear of falling the bronzebacks jump between trees, among branches and to the ground at heights of 10 – 20 m. They are very long and slender snakes with big eyes. The sides and top are brown or dark brown with stripes down the back which are a light bronze colour and whitish or grey on the underside. When they get excited they inflate their necks which show interscales of white or steely blue. Feeding on mainly lizards and frogs they also eat small rodents occasionally. In South India, bronzebacks are believed to be venomous and superstition holds that after biting someone they climb up a tree and observe the funeral pyre of the victim!

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