Asian water monitor lizard (Varanus Salvator)

The Asian water monitors are the longest lizards in the world with the Komodo dragon coming in close at second. Being the most aquatic of all monitor lizards, it is equally comfortable on land. They are found from Sri Lanka to the Philippines and all the way down to Java.
Male water monitors are territorial and will engage in a fight by standing on their hind legs. The winner is the one who topples over the other first. If they are cornered they whip their tails like other monitors. Females lay a clutch of 40 eggs, which take a very long period of 280 – 340 days to hatch. Their diet includes crabs, snails, snakes, fish and rodents. They are known to be egg thieves, stealing chicken, bird and even saltwater crocodile eggs! In some parts of the world, their numbers have dropped drastically as they are hunted for their skin. However one of main reasons they are hunted is for their blood and other body parts which are then made into potions and sold as “aphrodisiacs”.

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