White Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

The White Bellied Sea Eagle is a large, majestic, bird of prey and are residents of India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia and Australia. They are found on coasts and waterways, residing and breeding near waterways where they hunt for fish and other carrion and small animals such as birds that form its diet. They are generally territorial, though some are nomadic and wander inland in search of food, often up to 1000 km from the shore.

The female is larger than the male, and juveniles are brown in colour, later turning to white breasts and body and dark grey back and wings. They breed from around 6 years of age and their life span is thought to be around 30 years. They are monogamous, and mate for life.

The White Bellied Sea Eagle are quickly spotted during the breeding season by their loud goose-like honking calls that both the male and female do in unison during the monsoons.

I photographed this fine adult specimen in Pulicat Lake, Tamilnadu.

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