VERNAL HANGING PARROT (Loriculus vernalis)

The Vernal Hanging Parrot is the only parrot found in India, and are not to be mixed with parakeets. They are much smaller than most parakeets. They are so named as they like to hang upside down from branches and stalks in search of food. They are found in the forests of the western ghats, parts of eastern India and many parts of South East Asia.

They love to frequent banyan trees for fruits and banana trees for their nectar from the flowers. They feed on fruits, seeds, buds and blossoms.

They are local residents and the adult male is green with a red beak and rump with a blue throat patch, with a short tail. The nest in tree cavities lined with dry leaves. They favour high trees and are difficult to spot. 

They are unique for their ability to sleep upside down!

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