SLATY HEADED PARAKEET (Psittacula himalayana)

The Slaty Headed Parakeets are the only birds of this species that undergo altitudinal migration. They are found in the lower and upper Himalayas ranging from Pakistan to Nepal to Arunachal Pradesh, and migrate to the lower Himalayan valleys in winter, beginning in October.

They are thus called due to their slaty coloured head, and have green bodies. They have a bright red upper beak and a yellow lower beak with a pale yellow eye.

They are found between altitudes of 150 and 2500 meters above sea level, and are seen in wooded valleys and forests. They are seen in large or small flocks, feeding on fruits, nuts, seed and agricultural produce. They often mingle with other parakeet species for reasons of safety from predators.

Males and females are alike, except that the male has a red patch on the shoulder.

Habitat could be under threat in the future, as they are only found in the Himalayas.

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