ROSE – RINGED PARAKEET (Psittacula krameri)

The Rose – Ringed Parakeet’s original habitats stretched from Africa to Southern Asia; but have now been introduced to many parts of the world and have established themselves there. They are the subject of pet trade around the world.

The adult male sports a distinctive red and black neck ring which is absent or faint in females and juveniles. The body is a clear green in colour, and they are noisy, squawking birds found in pairs or large flocks. They can be taught to speak and are herbivorous in their food habits. They are non migratory.

They withstood urbanisation and deforestation by adapting to changing habitats and fight fiercely with other bird species to maintain their territory. Though not threatened, farmers do not like them as they feed on most crops in the fields in large numbers and fly long distances within their habitats to forage on fruits, buds, vegetables and various seeds.

They are popular pets and both males and females have the ability to mimic humans.

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