Puff Throated Babbler (Pellorneum ruficeps)

The Puff Throated Babbler is found in scrub and moist forest mainly in hilly regions. They forage in small groups on the forest floor, turning around leaf litter to find their prey and usually staying low in the undergrowth where they can be hard to spot. They however have loud and distinct calls, including a morning song, contact and alarm calls. They can often be seen creeping through undergrowth in search of their insect food.

A resident, they are found in the scrub forests of India and South East Asia. The breeding period is between March and August. They build a nest on the ground at the base of bush and is a dome of leaves and twigs with an entrance on the side. Parents can often be seen scurrying about to and fro from nests bringing food to their young.

I photographed this bird in Masanagudi, Tamilnadu, early one morning while it was making its usual morning call. It tolerated my presence at close quarters and I had the opportunity to take many photographs.

There are as many as thirty subspecies of the Puff Throated Babbler in the subcontinent.

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