Plain Prinia (Prinia inornata)

The Plain Prinia is also known as the Plain Wren-Warbler or White-browed Wren-Warbler. It is a small bird found in Southeast Asia. It is a resident breeder from Pakistan and India to south China and Southeast Asia. Sexes are identical, with tails being shorter in summer and longer in winter.

The Plain Prinia is typically found in wet lowland grassland, open woodland, scrub and sometimes gardens. They build nest in a shrub or tall grass and lays three to six eggs. Like most warblers, the Plain Prinia is insectivorous, catching insects in flight.

They are very loud callers, and can often be mistaken for a much larger bird judging by the volume of their repetitive tlee-tlee-tlee calls that can wake up the neighbourhood.

The Plain Prinia is found throughout India and a birder will invariably have it listed in sightings on each birding trip anywhere in India. They are a delight to photograph and I have many hundreds of them in various poses. This specimen was photographed in the Nilgiris, Tamilnadu.

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