Oriental Honey Buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus)

The Oriental Honey Buzzard is a resident raptor of the Indian subcontinent in South India and can migrate to Siberia and Central Asia in summer in North India, inhabiting woodlands of various climatic types, preferring broad leaved forest. They are found in a large range of habitats, from India to South Asia to China and Siberia.

The Oriental Honey Buzzard is so called as they feed on the larvae of bees, wasps, and also bees, wasps, cicadas, often eating bits of honeycombs and honey. They can be spotted on the outskirts of villages robbing poultry too.

Male and female are alike, with a slender head and distinctive longish neck. They can be seen solitary or in pairs, perched on forest trees or flying; often entering villages and outskirts of small towns.

They display a roller coaster flight pattern, up and down, like a wave, with fluttering wings at the peak of ascent.

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