Nilgiri Flowerpecker (Dicaeum concolor)

The Nilgiri Flowerpecker is a tiny bird that are found in the Western Ghats and other parts of India, feeding predominantly on nectar and fruits. They forage within the canopy of forests. They are resident and non migratory, preferring to stay within a range.

The Nilgiri Flowerpecker is a common resident breeding bird of woodland edges, cultivation and isolated stands of trees, often in hilly country. The call of the Nilgiri Flowerpecker is a sharp check or a rapid series of ticks, while the song is a high-pitched trill. Calls include a hard, very short staccato ticking often given for extended periods. The breeding season in the Nilgiris is January to April possibly with a second brood in May and June. Like other flowerpeckers they have a feathery tongue that allows them to sip nectar, but they feed on soft berries as well as small insects.

They are important pollinators and dispersers of mistletoes in forests.

Being tiny and fast moving from branch to branch, they can be a challenge to photograph. I photographed this specimen just above my head as it jumped from one branch to another.

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