Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja)

The Crimson Sunbird is also a small Sunbird, about 11 cm. long. They are generally found throughout India but are a rare sight in urban areas, preferring forests and farms with tree cover.

They are very beautiful with the adult male having a crimson breast and maroon back. The rump is yellow and the belly is olive. The female has an olive-green back, yellowish breast and white tips to the outer tail feathers.

Photographing a male Crimson Sunbird is an absolute delight, and this photograph was taken in the lower Himalayas hovering over a bunch of flowers.

They breed between February and October and are always found in pairs or groups, usually low to the ground and sometimes on canopies. They have a high pitched, sharp trill sound made often in flight.

They are found throughout South East Asia as well, and it is the national bird of Singapore.

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