Brown Headed Gull (Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus)

The Brown Headed Gull is found all along coastal India during winters in large colonies. They breed in the highlands of Central Asia from Tajikistan to Mongolia in reeds, marshes, islands and lakes from May to July; and migrate to the subcontinent in winter.

They can be seen migrating in large flocks from October onwards, and returning back to Central Asia in March-April.

They are a noisy species, and roost in large colonies in the evening after their feeding routines throughout the day. Though they live near the sea, rivers and wetlands and do not venture too far out and prefer to remain in the proximity of the shore.

They have a variety in their diet, feeding on fish, shrimp, insects, worms, reptiles, rodents and plant material.

The Brown Headed Gull has a life span of about 11 ½ years.

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