Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation means protecting our environment and the creatures that live in it. Our Mother Earth has enormous living things which are connected with each individual to keep the world sustainable and it plays an important part of the ecosystem. Recently, there are increased man-made activities due to explosion of human population and degradation of natural resources which has caused many species that were formerly common to decline to near extinction.

Therefore, there is need to preserve populations of rare or threatened species. Conservation of environment simply indicates the sustainable use as well as management of natural resources which include wildlife, water, air and earth deposits. Conservation of natural resources generally focuses on the needs and interests of human beings, for instance the biological, economic, cultural and recreational values. It mainly focuses on maintaining the health of the natural world and biological diversity. Conservation also focuses on water conservation, forest conservation, materials conservation and energy conservation, which are seen as important to protect the natural world. Protecting our environment can be achieved by paying more attention to what we buy and not using resources unnecessarily. It is meant to protect our mother earth by protecting vital resources, and it is also a way of living that works against the unhealthy practices. There are many ways through we can overcome from this threats like planting more tress, using less energy, avoiding plastics and creating awareness among the masses. We must also remember to recycle and dispose of materials properly so that the soil and water are not poisoned. So, conserving natural resources is must in our present situation to protect our environment.

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