Mount Govardhan

In Uttar Pradesh there is a mountain named Govardhan near Vrindavan in the Mathura area, where Lord Krishna is believed to have lived as a young boy. It is a very special place for devotees of Lord Krishna.

According to legend, Indra, the God of Rain, was angry with the villagers of Vrindavan because one year they did not do their usual puja for him. He put lots of dark clouds there, and it started raining heavily. It rained and rained. The villagers were afraid that they and their crops and cattle would be washed away.

The young Krishna told them not to worry. He simply lifted up Mount Govardhan and held it high like an umbrella, balanced on his little finger. He asked the villagers to take shelter under it. The villagers and their belongings were protected from the rain by the mountain. Indra’s plan to punish the villagers failed. He admitted defeat. He came down from the heavens and worshipped Lord Krishna. The rains stopped and the villagers went back to their homes. But they did not forget what happened. Even now, every year, a special puja is held at Mount Govardhan on the day after Diwali.

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