Channapatna Toys

Not far from Bangalore in Karnataka there is a place called Toy Town.  Its actual name is Channapatna, but in Kannada it is called Gombegala Ooru, which means Toy Town. That’s because a lot of people there have been making wooden toys for many, many years.

Different kinds of toys are made in Chennapatna. You’ll find spinning tops, cars and trains and other vehicles, cute animals, dolls, kitchen sets, puzzles, puppets, rattles and skittles.

The Chennapatna toys are made by hand using simple tools. Unlike many other modern toys, these are perfectly safe for children. They don’t contain harmful chemicals. Natural colours, got from stuff like turmeric (for yellow) and indigo (for blue) are used to colour the toys. They are then coated with lac, a gummy liquid that is got from insects, to give them a shiny polish.

The toys are light, yet strong. They don’t break easily. They don’t have any sharp edges which may hurt little ones. Realizing this, parents in India and even abroad are happy to buy the Channapatna toys for their children.

Look out for Chennapatna toys. You’re sure to have loads of fun with them. And you’ll be helping the toy makers too!

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