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The current generation of kids are growing up on a staple dose of phones tablets and other internet- based devices.

One hour of screen time a day is associated with higher consumption of high fat and high sugar food. […]

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Why may your child be getting angry:

I am going to focus todays topic on children who have difficulty managing emotions such as anger. Neurotypical children and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Tourettes typically tend to get angry at times.

Here are certain possible causes for what makes your child angry:

The child may not be getting what he or she wants
The child may be asked to do something that they don’t want to do
Some children may lack social skills such as kids with ADHD and maybe bullied at school
Some other kids may be so disorganised that they forget their homework, get called out in class and eventually get stressed.

I am going to give you certain tips that I use at my clinic to manage anger and help children regulate their emotions.

1. Get your Childs vestibular system working. When we invert our heads for short periods of time in the day like a few seconds we regulate and organise our nervous system. Hanging upside down from monkey bars, trees and a sofa is very calming on the nervous system and can help calm an angry child.

2. Take a magazine and cut out faces of people with different emotions such as anger, sadness, happy faces and calm face. Ask your child questions such as which one of these faces represent anger/ sadness/ joy. Identifying their own emotions helps children to label and identify their friends and other peoples emotions too. This is a good starting point for children to know when and how to approach another person when they express different emotions. It also helps a child recognise the point at which they get angry.

3. Ask the children what makes them angry or upset?
What do they do when they feel angry or upset?
How do they stop being angry or calm themselves down?

4. Practise mindfulness with your children everyday. Ask your child to take 5 deep in breaths every time they get angry. This can be started in children as young as three years of age.

5. Make two cards for your child. In one card write down, ‘When I am angry I can sing a song’, In another write down, ‘When I am angry I can remember a happy time, like the visit to the beach/ fun park’. Put these cards in their pocket everyday. Ask them to reach out to these cards and read them every time that they get angry.

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One of the reasons why your child may have picky eating problems is he/she has something called Sensory Processing Disorder. For ease of reading, let us call these kids as sensory kids. Kids who are picky eaters at a very young age tend to remain so as they grow up into adulthood. […]

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School can sometimes be too stressful for us. We are tested constantly, we have to memorise facts and some of us try to memorise study material one night before tests. At times, as teachers we feel overwhelmed too while dealing with kids that struggle to memorise things. We do not know how to best help the kids in our classroom.  Tests after tests it feels like when is this cramming of facts going to stop. […]

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In the middle of a concrete jungle in Sholinagnallur, Chennai, Jayanthi Prakash proudly displays her sprawling terrace garden, a result of her hard work and love. It’s beautiful to see more than 500 plants look so colourful, well-fed and happy. […]

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What causes restlessness

There is a certain system (sense) located in our muscles and joints which provides us with an ability to know where our body is in space. This is called proprioception. It also tells us how much force and pressure needs to be used to do various activities. In some of us little people the brain doesn’t talk to the joints and tell the joints how much force needs to be used, where is the body located in space and so on. In some of us this sense does not work very well. In such cases we tend to move a lot, we don’t like sitting in one place, we may choose to bump and crash to play, we may bite on pencil tips and chew on our shirt collars. […]

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For a long time, the word “fitness” only meant long walks and some stretching for me. But then came along Padmananbhan aka Paddu, a fitness trainer and coach who completely changed my meaning of fitness. […]

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Homework and struggles with doing homework always comes up as a topic of discussion with me. Some of us forget to write down the homework topics at school, some of us are not organised, we don’t know where our homework books are, we don’t keep our writing tools in place to note down things in time. For some others amongst us we just don’t want to do it because it is boring, long and difficult. Here are some quick tips to solve your homework problems. […]

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I firmly believe that dogs and children are a wonderful combination. A pet dog teaches your kids to love animals, care for them and lose their fear of dogs. They learn compassion and responsibility. And also grow up with a companion who showers them with unconditional love. […]

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I was all excited when Lalitha Akka invited me for dinner, as she has the most amazing reputation for creating a feast for the eyes, mind and the palate. […]

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If you love dogs, then there’s some good news for you. Did you know that having a dog is good for your health? According to a report in the Harvard Health Letter companion animals have more dependable behaviour in comparison to our human companions. Dogs, as we all know, offer unconditional love and form a completely non-judgemental bond with their owner. Dogs are being recommended as a holistic way of dealing with stress because having a furry friend lowers blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety levels. […]

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Dum-Dum-Dum, I can hear them loud and clear: the sound of drums!

As I enter the Jus Drums school, I can see about 15 children and a few drum kits in the room. Some of them are playing a beat over and over again, a couple of them discussing, a parent waiting for his turn to ask a question. I see an animated Murali “sir”, their teacher, asking the eldest student in the room why a doubt is being cleared just a day before a crucial exam. […]

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I have always known that my friend and colleague Deepa was a book worm. Armed with a list of books (that she would have read, cover to cover, in just 2 or 3 days), Deepa was forever giving us recommendations. One day, I noticed that instead of books, she was talking colors, exotic colors: ruby red, emerald green, sunshine yellow!

Wondering what was up, I asked her if she had taken to painting; true to her style, she gave me a long-suffering look. She opened her lunch box, and it was full of these colors! A salad of red tomatoes, green, red and yellow capsicums with some herbs sprinkled on them. I simply couldn’t say no to her offer to taste some and it was yummy! […]

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up with dogs. Our first dog came home when I was two years old, and since then, I’ve almost always had a furry companion.

Personally, I believe that dogs and children are a fabulous combination. […]

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