‘Mummy, I don’t want salad. I wish you had ordered pizzas for dinner,’ complained Shruthi. Her brother, Samay, was staring at his salad with a disdainful look, then his expression changed as he noticed some baby potatoes in them. He nudged Shruthi and they both picked up a forkful of the salad and warily put it in their mouths.
After the first taste, they started to eat faster and soon were asking for second helpings. Mummy laughed and said, ‘Who did not want salad a little while ago?’
The children said in unison, ‘But this potato salad is so tasty. Salads are so bland even if they have potatoes in them. How did you make it so yummy?’
‘I merely dressed it with mustard sauce. I noticed that you liked the mustard cheese dip at Renu’s birthday party.’
‘We can always eat salads if you make it with this sauce,’ the kids commented digging into their second helping.
‘I most definitely will. In addition to being tasty, mustard comes with a horde of health benefits too. The mustard seeds are small, but they pack heaps of benefits. Mustard is good for improving overall health. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and they are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients too.’
‘Mustard also can help manage asthma symptoms, high blood pressure, arthritis and migraines. They help in cancer prevention too. It could boost metabolism and speed up fat burning.’
‘The best use of mustard for me is its ability to neutralize toxics and keep away stomach upsets. Its digestive, antiseptic, laxative and circulative stimulant properties aids digestion. By adding it in your menu, I can worry less about you two falling sick. ‘
‘What a delicious way of preventing stomach upsets!’ exclaimed Shruthi and they all laughed, agreeing heartily.

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Good one Kanchanakka. I was always thinking Sasmi is bad as it gets sallowed,quite recently understood it’s good.

Too good an article on mustard.Let me see if I will start liking it !

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