Puttu, which is made by steaming rice flour, is a popular breakfast dish in South India. The dish is made from coarsely ground white or red rice, grated coconut, water and salt. Spiced such as cumin may be added for flavor as well. The rice flour is mixed with water, salt and spices (if any), then layered with grated coconut and put into cylindrical tubes made from bamboo or metal. The tubes are then put into a steamer, so that the food is cooked through the steam and without the use of oil or any other fat. This makes it a healthy breakfast option.

Puttu can be served with spicy gravies (like fish or chicken curries, or groundnut curry), or with jaggery, sliced banana or jackfruit. Some people alos like to eat it with coconut milk.

Puttu, made with some regional modifications (and known by other names), is popular in Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and Mauritius.

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