Vinod Dham-The Father of the Pentium Chip

Speed is so important isn’t it? The fastest runner wins the Gold Medal, you choose the fastest route to get from one place to another, the faster you finish your homework, the sooner you can go out to play. Speed is important in computers too. Guess what makes a computer fast? –It is the processor.

Processors weren’t very fast to begin with. Guess who was mainly responsible for the first really quick processor? An Indian named Vinod Dham!

He contributed largely to the development of the Pentium microprocessor of USA’s Intel company, and because of that, he’s known as ‘Pentium Engineer’ and ‘Father of the Pentium Chip.’

He was born in 1950, and studied Engineering at the prestigious Delhi Technological University, one of India’s oldest engineering colleges. He later went to USA to do his MS. He worked there for some time before joining Intel and successfully leading the Pentium project. He also co-developed ETOX, Intel’s first Flash memory technology. He quickly grew in the company to become the Vice-President of the Microprocessor Group.

Later, Dham left Intel to join other firms. He is now an entrepreneur and venture capitalist – that means, besides having his own companies, he also gives money to others to start businesses.

He has also worked to help those less fortunate than himself in India. For instance, he was involved with the Digital Equalizer Programme to provide underprivileged children in our country a chance to use digital technology to broaden their knowledge. This work won him the Visonary Award. Vinod Dham and his wife Sadhana have also contributed a lot of money towards charity projects in India.

So next time you do something on your computer, give a mental salute to Vinod Dham!

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