iSpark Studio

Body, Mind and Soul – the three important aspects to a person’s well-being – are the central themes of iSpark E-mag. We truly believe in the Holistic Happiness of a person – right from childhood to adulthood and beyond, irrespective of age. It is in keeping with this concept that the iSpark E-mag, an initiative of iSpark Holistic Happiness Studio, was designed and to carry relevant, exciting, interesting and knowledge-driven articles and stories in the different section featured therein.

Complementing each of these articles, features and stories, are uniquely drawn illustrations and images that add tremendous value to the content. We have further embellished it with audio and video recordings to enhance the overall experience.

It is meant to be interactive, educative, informative and message-driven.

The iSpark E-mag and iSpark Holistic Happiness Studio are two sides of a coin – the vision of SREI Foundation and its promoters, Dr. H. P. Kanoria, Manisha Kanoria Lohia and Vedant Raj Lohia.